Saitec Australia Roads

SAITEC has made an important contribution to the development of the Spanish road and motorway network. It has provided services both to public organisations and consortia for public-private partnerships, concessionaires and construction firms, continuously providing an integrating and multidisciplinary approach. It takes part actively in the different stages of roads technical assistance, from planning and design to construction, maintenance and operation.
Its scope of action covers all kinds of road infrastructure, such as:

  • Motorways and dual carriageways (new alignment, road lane dualling and widening, lane increase) : SAITEC's projects in this field include highly technical designs and works in areas with complex orographic and geotechnical features.

Some of the main new track motorways and dual carriageways that the company has developed are:

    • A-8 and AP-8 (E-70) Cantabrian Motorway and Dual Carriageway
    • A-23 (E-7) Mudejar Motorway.
    • A-21 Pyrenees Motorway.
    • BI-636 Cadagua Distributor.
    • BI-631 Bilbao - Mungia.
    • Regarding capacity increases and duplicated carriageways:
    • N-240 Tarragona-Bilbao.
    • N-633 Derio - Bilbao Airport.
    • N-638 Mendelu-Hondarribia.
    • BI-631 Bilbao - Mungia.
  • All-purpose roads (urban, peri-urban, rural, mountain, etc.): SAITEC has taken part in the design of many sections of roads in the Spanish Road Network, and continues to work in this field, with efficiency and broad experience.

The most relevant past and present road projects include:

    • BI-635 Amorebieta-Etxano.
    • N-637 Baracaldo-Galdácano.
    • GI-627 Vitoria-Eibar.
    • A-2620 Legutiano-Mondragón.
    • Many sections in the major and secondary roads in the Basque Country.
    • Removal of many level crossings all over Spain.
  • By-passes around built-up areas: Another independent area in the company is by-passes around built-up areas - they are extremely important for improving road safety and reducing journey time.

SAITEC's most relevant past and present projects are:

    • By-pass of Zizurkil (GI-2631 and GI-3610) in Guipúzcoa.
    • By-pass of Zumaia (N-634) in Guipúzcoa.
    • By-pass of Hondarribia (GI-3440 and GI-3361) in Guipúzcoa.
    • By-pass of Zestoa (N-634) in Guipúzcoa.
    • By-pass of Astigarraga (GI-2132) in Guipúzcoa.
    • By-pass of Igorre (N-240) in Vizcaya.
    • By-pass of Ermua (N-634) in Vizcaya
  • Interchanges: Interchanges often are of such a nature that their design involves independent projects. SAITEC is an integrated engineering company that has developed many projects of this kind.

Some of the most relevant are:

    • Access interchange on the N-338 to the new terminal in Alicante Airport.
    • Remodelling of the Cruces Interchange.
    • Artxanda tunnel interchange in La Salve.
    • Ibarrekolanda interchange and sliproad to Deusto lower by-pass.
    • Remodelling of the Intxaurrondo interchange on the A-8 motorway.
    • Txikierdi interchange on the N-634 (KP 1+300), Usurbil.
    • N-637 interchange and Txorierri Distributor in Torrelarrogoiti.
    • Many crossroads turned into roundabouts.
  • Conservation works and improvement of existing roads (capacity increase, upgrading, alignment corrections, junction reordering, etc.): SAITEC is also involved in the design of track improvements, as well as in the modernisation and upgrade of existing roads that require renovation work.

Some important projects in this field include:

    • Track improvement and platform widening of A-2128 road.
    • Track improvement and platform widening of A-3314 road.
    • A-2622 road upgrading.
    • Complete upgrading of BI-631, BI-3101 and BI-4104 roads.
    • Improvement of superstructure and programmed conservation projects on several roads in the regional network in Vizcaya.
    • Widening and improvement of NA-140 road.
    • Improvement of the BI-3723 regional road.
    • Section widening and upgrading of GI-2639 road.
    • Section widening and upgrading of GI-2632 road.
    • Widening and upgrading of GI-2131 road.
    • Environmental restoration, landscape recovery and building of pedestrian infrastructure from Reineta to La Arboleda.
    • Reform of provisional access to sector SIA-2 in Portugalete.
    • Reorganisation of shortcuts and accessibility to Lemona-Amorebieta road.
    • Conditioning and upgrading of BI-2120 road.


  • Implementation of signalling, safety and communications systems and facilities: SAITEC's services include the design of all the necessary facilities to operate any road infrastructure optimally, as part of integrated engineering. This includes electrical and mechanical systems, telematic and toll systems, as well as centralised management from control centres.

The company's most recent projects are:

    • Audit and design of the global electrical system for the motorway network of Guipúzcoa (Bidegi)
    • Design and works management for communications and safety systems for the motorway network of Guipúzcoa.
    • Design and support for installations (electrical, telematic, etc.) both in open cut sections and tunnels, for the Cadagua Distributor motorway (Vizcaya).
    • Design and technical support for installations on the Variante Sur Metropolitana motorway in Bilbao.
    • Safety management in the operation of tunnels on the Variante Sur Metropolitana motorway in Bilbao.
    • Safety audits in all the conventional road installations of the Guipúzkoa Regional Council.

Road Transport
SAITEC also provides services for the design and development of road transport systems, covering all infrastructure types: Motorways and dual carriageways, all-purpose roads and by-passes, interchanges and tunnels.
The fields of expertise addressed include the following:

  • Tunnels: Power (electrical installations, TS, MVL), ventilation, fire protection, pumping, traffic management systems, driver assistance, radio communications, anti-intruder systems, detection systems, etc.
  • Toll systems: Conventional toll systems, free-flow tolling, shadow toll systems, control centres and toll plazas.
  • Traffic management systems: VMS, traffic detectors, video monitoring systems.
  • Electrical power and lighting systems.
  • Telecommunication networks and systems: Data transmission systems, private networks, security systems, etc.
  • Control centres and centralised control stations.
  • Remote control of facilities.
  • Operation Engineering:
    • Operation manuals, self-protection plans and implementation and monitoring.
    • Software tools assisting operation and maintenance.
    • Training plans.
    • Tunnel safety: Safety plans, risk assessment and drills.

The most relevant past and present projects in the different fields of expertise are:

  • Tunnel safety: Head of Security services: VSM, AP-8.
  • Motorways and dual carriageways: Cantabrian Motorway, Cadagua Distributor, VSM and a further 6.
  • All-purpose roads and by-passes: N-637 Baracaldo-Galdacano, by-pass of Zizurkil and a further 12.
  • Tunnels: Zizurkil Tunnel, AP-8 Tunnel and a further 15.
  • Interchanges: Access interchange on the N-338 to the new terminal in Alicante Airport, and a further 13.